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I am happy to report that our beloved Emma and her dad Greg had a good journey to Oregon.   They are all settled into their new home, with roommates and their pooches, and a large fenced in yard for the dogs to play.  Here are a few pictures Greg took of Emma in the backseat of his car during the 2,400 mile trek across our beautiful country.  

Here she is, all settled in for the long journey!

It looks like Emma's dad made a nice sun shelter for her.

It looks to me like she is asking: Are we there yet?

Greg tells me that Emma was a perfect traveller and that she loves her new home.  And typical for Emma is that “all she wants to do is play!” 

Here at Sontheim, we wish Greg and Emma the very best and much success at the University of Oregon.  Sophia, Lilly and I sure miss the two.

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The girls are sleeping contentedly after a long walk in the cold autumn fields and I am posting one more time before we leave on our long-awaited trip to upstate New York.

We’ll drop the girls off at Cedarsprings Kennel on Wednesday and leave them in Mary’s excellent care until we return a week or two later.  This will be Sophia’s first extended time away from Sontheim and I am curious to see how she will have changed when she is back home.  At Cedarsprings, the girls will be housed together in a generous indoor enclosure and several times a day they will have free playtime with all the other dogs.  Mary’s kennel is usually all booked because dogs just love it there.

I remember Lilly coming home after her first stay at Cedarsprings in March when we brought Sophia home from Dallas, TX.  Lilly was running circles around me with the biggest smile I ever saw on a pup.  She reminded me of an exuberant kid, coming home from camp, where she had loved every minute of the day.

In case you are curious, here is the link to Mary’s website:  http://www.cedarspringslabs.com

Our nine-hundred mile road trip will take us from Wisconsin to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and up into NY State.  It should be glorious even though we will have missed the fall colors on the trees.  My two cameras are ready to go, and since George will do all the driving, my eyes and hands will be free to shoot away.

If only we could travel the Milky Way, how splendid would such a journey be!

Ahh, if only we could travel the Milky Way!!!

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