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Do you ever wonder what human society would look like if we would not protect our innovations and instead make available all knowledge for free?

I venture to say that it would lead to a world without greed; a world were everyone’s needs are met; a world where the working folks are not squeezed to make the rich richer — as is happening right now all across our land were the drumbeat of cut, cut, cut is threatening to eviscerate education and healthcare.  The very services which should be considered a basic right for all, not just for the ones with the big pocket books.

If you are wondering how it would be possible to create an alternative to our screwed up “free market” system I’d like to share with you three TED talks of young people who are trying to do precisely that.

Lets start with Marcin Jakubowski’s ‘Open Sourced Blueprints for Civilisation’:

His website is http://opensourceecology.org

Next, meet Mick Ebeling who started the ‘Not Impossible Foundation’:

His website is http://www.notimpossiblefoundation.org

And last, but certainly not least, meet Ann-Marie Thomas and her ‘Hands-on Science for Little Hands:

I hope that meeting these wonderful people will make your day.

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The progressive side of human nature is inquisitive and bold.  With it we look at problems as ‘puzzles to be solved’, and it often leads us to taking the next step in our development toward a more constructive society.   

Here are three examples I’d like to bring to your attention.  The first is a TED talk that was given by Arthur Potts Dawson who “wants us to take responsibility not just for the food we eat, but how we shop for it and even dispose of it.”

The second is an article about harvesting carbon from the atmosphere to create living buildings that can house us and at the same time combat climate change.


And third, an article about how the power grid of the future saves energy and assures supply:


And if you are asking why these new methods are not being proposed in the USA you are on the right track to question an outdated way of life.  According to many of our politicians, we live in “the greatest country in the world” and yes, I have to say that we are Number One.  Number One in self-regard and if we continue on this path we will be Number One in losing the race toward a better and sustainable future.

And yes, we too can change, if only we try.

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