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This is the most beautiful nebula I have ever seen:

A Green Ring Fit for a Superhero – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The picture confirms my yearning to travel into deep space.

I would, if only I could…

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Thirty-three years ago NASA launched the Voyager space probes.  After all these years they have arrived at the very edge of our solar system.  Watch what they have found, it is truly astonishing: 


The signals Voyager sends back to earth now take over 16 hours to reach us and I find it miraculous that the probes still survive in the very hostile environment of space.  May Voyager I and II continue on their way for a long time and reveal to us more secrets of our incredible universe.

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As you may know, my interest in space, science and hard science fiction is intense.  I find all things related to exploration much more interesting than our human affairs that are focused on the exploitation of our planet’s creatures and its resources.  I often contemplate a world in which the human race grows beyond ethnic divisions, religious hatred and individual greed, and I see a universe filled with wonder and beauty beyond compare.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you the demonstration of a 3D Atlas of the Universe by Carter Emmart, as recorded by TED on February 2010.


And here is a most splendit journey to Saturn, as narrated by the dynamic Carolyn Poco.



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"Ring of Fire" a flare erupts from the sun's surface on March 30, 2010 as captured by NASA

At the eve of Independence day on July 4th 2010 I contemplate our rough and tumble ways;  

Our advances in understanding and concurrently the ideological hardening of minds that are in fear of change;   

Our ethnically complex struggles to continue building a more perfect union!  

I have done many things in my life.  I travelled from Europe at the age of twenty-one in pursuit of happiness, and finding it, in addition to unfettered opportunity in the United States of America, I have settled here.  I am the ideal immigrant to this rough and tumble land and I know in my heart that I would have succeeded here at any point in history, and made this land my home.   

Once here, I had the privilege of experiencing many of life’s true pleasures such as a  husband and child; studying at the best educational institutions of the Mid-west; developing an exiting career in the Windy City and traveling around the globe.  I have made friends and I have lost them; I have rescued creatures in need and I have given them  shelter;  I have built a safe haven that surrounds me with blessed solitude and stunning beauty.    

A part of my journey has brought me great grief;  the loss of love and the pain of separation;  the realization that illness is here to stay like a silent companion who is not welcome;  the realization that my time of exploration is over and that my fervent dream of travel into space will never be fulfilled.   

Yet, the mind is an incredible instrument, it allows participation in anything one desires.  So let me share another image of our sun, so far away, yet so very near in my mind’s eye.   

An ultraviolet image captured by NASA "Storm on the Sun"


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