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All is well at Sontheim.  The gardens have turned into a jungle, the fruit trees are heavy and the air is alive with the sound of summer.

Hummingbirds are playing at the feeders and sugar-water production is in high gear.  Some of our beloved Hummers are getting fat and soon they will be ready for their epic migration South.

The dogs are having fun in the fields nearby and it is awesome to watch their curiosity when they encounter the myriad of wildlife coming from the woods.

The only thing that is short in supply among all this abundance is TIME.  The time to sit and tend to my blog seems to have disappeared.  So, instead of sharing my own ‘pearls of wisdom’ I give you more food for thought.

Meet Eve Ensler in her newest presentation on TED:


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Thirty-three years ago NASA launched the Voyager space probes.  After all these years they have arrived at the very edge of our solar system.  Watch what they have found, it is truly astonishing: 


The signals Voyager sends back to earth now take over 16 hours to reach us and I find it miraculous that the probes still survive in the very hostile environment of space.  May Voyager I and II continue on their way for a long time and reveal to us more secrets of our incredible universe.

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